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The Atrium: Welcome to May!

And it's May already! Hello! I haven't forgotten you, but I've been busy, a bit, a little, a little bit, but not really. What really happened is that we adopted this cat. My husband and I have both owned really lovely cats. These former cats were gentle and sweet and calm and really very dignified… Continue reading The Atrium: Welcome to May!

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The Kids Room: The New Cat

Well, we've done it! We did it 2 months ago, really, and we're still getting used to the new creature who lives in our home. He's a great big ginger tabby who still seems a bit wild. He likes to hunt and he'll play fetch for hours, dutifully returning incomplete knitting pieces that we throw… Continue reading The Kids Room: The New Cat

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The Craft Room: My New Work in Progress Bag

I can't over-emphasize how tiny my home is. It's very tiny. Very. And for the last few years, I've been searching for the best, most attractive way to keep my VIP WIPs close at hand. I tried to use fabric bags, but those always seemed to come open and there was no way to organize… Continue reading The Craft Room: My New Work in Progress Bag