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The Writing Room: Clearing Out the Weeds

mothergoose70285-0002 - Edited

Dear Neglected Book Blog,
How long has it been? 7 months?
Yes, I apologize. I’ve been busy all winter trying to clear out space for everything I want to do and trying to figure out how to organize it all, time-wise and space-wise. I’ve not been successful, so the new plan is to do what I can, when I can (Wic-wic, I call it).
So, what’s first? Well, first I have about 20 boxes of unlisted books in my little red shed that I want to start listing.
I also want to communicate more with other Etsians, other bloggers, other mothers, other homeschoolers, etcetera. This includes blogging and twittering and forum posting and all of those tiny, nice things that we WAHMs do to build up our faraway, close-knit communities.
I think about things to tell you all the time, little blog! And now, with my new Wic-wic program, maybe I’ll succeed in sharing my miniature part of the world with all of you out there.
Wish me luck!

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