The Kids Room: Another New Cat


Our last cat experience was traumatic. Months on, my 5 year old would still talk about the other cat and ask me why I thought the cat would attack him on the couch all the time. The last cat, I’d explain, was feral. We’d been mis-led about this cat and I was certain that most cats weren’t like that cat. Most cats could be sweet and loving. But, still, you could tell that the children didn’t fully believe me. When we’d meet other cats, the kids would shy away and show no interest. They even seemed to be a bit terrified.

As a cat lover, this was unbearable. I wanted desperately to show my children that cat ownership could be incredibly rewarding. So my husband and I often said that someday, we’d try again with another cat. Someday. . .

In the meantime, we got a hamster. We thought it might be a nice, tiny alternative to the full-blown commitment of a kitten. We loved our hamster, and wanted to do something to show our fondness. So we went out one day to get an expansion for its habitat.

But, oh dear! In the middle of the pet supply store were 4 little rescued kittens. Two were white with spots and the other two had tabby patterns. My husband and I had a quick, quiet consultation with each other. I asked to check out the kittens, just to pet them. I tried to get one of the tabby cats to come to me, but they were too busy playing. One of the white cats approached me instead. He was the most demure, but he wasn’t shy about being petted. After a minute, he climbed onto me. He really wasn’t the one that I wanted, but he was the one who chose me. We filled out all of the adoption forms and took our new kitten home.

We originally named our kitten, “Cloudberry,” because the name reminded us of a wine we used to drink with my husband’s nan. But when we started researching our kitten a bit more, we determined that he was a Japanese Bob Tail and decided that he should have a Japanese name. We chose a name based on one of our favorite Japanese television personalities, a man who goes by the title of, “Kacho,” which means boss/chief, on a video game review show where his game playing skills are laughably bad. Our kitten won’t play video games, but he does swat at the television sometimes when a show is on.

My favorite fact about our new kitten is that his breed inspired the Maneki Neko, and we all feel a bit luckier from having him with us. Sweet little Kacho, we love you so much already. Please stay a little while!

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