The Dining Room: Medieval Times


My 6 year old’s life ambition is to become a knight. He wants to battle bravely and ride a loyal steed to protect his kingdom. He’s created an alter-ego dubbed The Green Knight, who stars in all of my son’s stories and songs.

We wanted our son to have a memorable 6th birthday and we wanted to do something educational and interesting. So! We spared no expense. We wasted no time. We hastened, even. And we ended up in the front row of the Green Knight’s section with our two little boys at Medieval Times.

We knew it would be cheesy. We WANTED it to be cheesy. We wanted our little boys to be fully convinced of the Medieval experience. So, we ate with our hands. We cheered on our knight. We even had our own sons knighted. Both boys took the ceremony very seriously with such sincere bows to the king that you could hear the sounds of the onlookers’ hearts breaking from sheer love for my little boys. Other parents took photos of my children’s knighting ceremonies, and complimented their homemade knight tunics and helmets.

And we all were convinced. We got so into it, like a real sporting event! The announcer had a rich, beautiful, booming voice that pulled us along through the story. The battle scenes, though obviously choreographed, were still exciting and scary, because they use real weapons. And the food was good enough, which is a huge compliment from my food snob family.

And we’d do it all again! Gladly! Bravely! Boldly! Three cheers for all of the Knights of the Realm! Hip! Hip! Hooray!


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