The Atrium

The Atrium: Welcome to January


Oh, good! You’re still here!

I’m still here! And even though it’s been six months since I’ve written, I don’t feel the guilt I’ve felt with other blogs that I’ve abandoned. You’ve survived my absence. I’ve survived my absence. Every thing is fine.


A happy sort of sigh.

So, what shall we talk about? New Year’s resolutions? End of year complaints? Shall we pat ourselves on the back for surviving another year? It’s not such an easy thing as you might think! We’ll try not to think too much about it, though. We’ll count our blessings and expect things to get better, I think.

And maybe I’ll have one tiny resolution to write more here. I’m trying to pull myself away from the social media sites, but I still want to communicate with strangers. So I’ll try to do it in this format, where I’m less likely to get pulled into the snarky stand-up sound bites of bitter people looking for book deals and where I’m not constantly editing myself to become impenetrable to targeted marketing. Here, I don’t care if only one person reads this. Here, I don’t care if everyone reads this.

Everyone is welcome this year. I’ll try to make your visit a pleasant one!

Happy New Year,


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