The Atrium

The Atrium: Welcome to June


Welcome, dear friends, to another month!

It’s been a surprisingly pleasant month for me despite my dislike for warm weather or summer clothing. It’s been surprisingly pleasant, even though I expected to become really depressed about Father’s Day, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to celebrate my husband’s fatherhood under the shadow of what feels like such a recent loss.

The children, though. . . The children enthusiastically embrace all occasions to celebrate! So Father’s Day was spent going around town finding fun. Then we had Summer Solstice, and the Super Moon, and my husband’s birthday, and even a few made up holidays, because my younger child likes to invent reasons to bake or buy muffins.

So it’s been a month of celebrations, and even though I miss my dad terribly, I’ve stopped mourning him and have started to celebrate him. I tell jokes that he used to tell me. I don’t change the radio channel when I hear songs he loved. I listen to the whole song and sing along as much as I know, because that’s what he would have done. I’ve yet to master the George Jefferson-esque finger snaps and dance moves he’d do while singing, but I have memorized almost all of the long version of American Pie, although I feel awfully silly singing along to lyrics like, “Helter Skelter in a summer swelter,” or, “No angels born in Hell could break that Satan spell.”

I hope your Summer is off to a happy start, too! There’s much to celebrate if you look closely enough!

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