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The Atrium: Welcome to May!


And it’s May already! Hello! I haven’t forgotten you, but I’ve been busy, a bit, a little, a little bit, but not really. What really happened is that we adopted this cat. My husband and I have both owned really lovely cats. These former cats were gentle and sweet and calm and really very dignified in their catlike ways. So we thought, oh wouldn’t it be lovely? Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Wouldn’t it be nice to live together with the kind of cat that we once knew?

So I went to a shelter to find just the kind of cat that we wanted. I talked to the shelter volunteer at length about exactly the kind of cat that we wanted and she said that she had just the cat for us! I said, “Great!” I signed all the paperwork, gave her about $100 and then she told me that the cat was on antibiotics for a sinus infection and she gave me the intake paperwork about the cat. She never bothered to tell me that there were several notes on his paperwork about how very much this cat didn’t like to be handled. The exact wording was “tolerates affection, but not for extended periods of time.” And I thought, “Oh, great! This cat will fit into our home perfectly, as long as we NEVER TRY TO TOUCH HIM!”

But what could I do? I’d already signed and paid for the cat and I’d already told the kids that I was going to bring home their first pet. So, my hope was that the cat just needed a loving home.

Our first week with him was fantastic! He was calm, loving, and very, very sleepy. But then his round of antibiotics ended and as we got to know our newly drug-free kitty, we learned that every sound frightened him; every environmental change alarmed him; and every moment near a human infuriated him. So he attacked everything! He ripped up our cabinets, our couch, and our arms and fingers. We went through a whole bottle of peroxide and a whole box of bandages because he attacked all of us ferociously every day.

And that’s why I haven’t written. The sound of typing on a computer keyboard sent him into a panic and he’d attack and bite my hands as soon as he thought that I might be up to something productive. So we’ve been held captive by a beautiful, but deadly, ginger-haired puss. And now he’s run away. And though I look for him every day, I doubt he’ll ever be found.

But I have this grand vision of him as the king of the woods. He’s sure to be an excellent hunter and the area where he ran away is full of little abandoned shelters and full of little animals that would make a nice meal for him. I hope that’s the life he finds for himself. Or I hope he finds his way into some friendly backyard where the owners feed him and shelter him from a comfortable distance. I don’t think he was ever truly domesticated and I’m pretty certain that he should have been a trap and release feral cat, since he would only come near us when he was hungry or ill.

I hope that you’ve all fared better over the last 2 months. It’s been challenging and disappointing to be unable to tame our tiny tiger. Maybe we’d do better with something that has less of an opinion of how things should be. Maybe we’ll try something smaller and dumber and less prone to destruction. Or maybe our kitty will come back and change his reckless ways. Are there 12 step groups for cats?

[Update: We heard from our cat and he’s found a new home with a very quiet woman who loves him. He moved into her garage and she’s happy to keep him!]

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