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The Kids Room: The New Cat

catbook30036-3 copy

Well, we’ve done it! We did it 2 months ago, really, and we’re still getting used to the new creature who lives in our home. He’s a great big ginger tabby who still seems a bit wild. He likes to hunt and he’ll play fetch for hours, dutifully returning incomplete knitting pieces that we throw across the room. He came to us with the name “Neeko [sic],” but we don’t really like that name, so he has a new name every day. For a while his name was “Mumbles.” Then it was “Rodigan,” then “Kruger,” and yesterday, we started calling him, “Chaos.” His names don’t really stick, because we can’t really figure out if we want to keep him or not. He’s a bit feral and there’s no chance of him having the kind of calm atmosphere he needs to re-socialize with 2 little boys as part of his every day routine. We’ll see, though. We’ll see. . .

[Update: Our crazy cat ran away. We’re hoping he’ll return, but we’re not counting on it.]

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