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The Atrium: Welcome to February


Greetings, earthlings! And welcome to February. I hope you all had a wonderful Groundhog Day!

For me, it was a day to look outside my hole and see where I wanted to move next. So, instead of writing, I’ve been on the move; getting things packed, getting things moved, and unpacking them again.

My life seems to be one long purge of things I don’t even remember accumulating. The corners of my home get full very quickly and it’s time to sort and purge again.  It’s been worse since I had children, because people donate all kinds of goods to us “for the kids.” There’s a corner of our home designated just for stuff to dump when we drive near the local Goodwill.

I have all kinds of little de-cluttering games that I play to keep on top of things.  Sometimes I set a time limit where I have to look in all of our cupboards for things to toss. If I have a lot of something that I want to keep, I’ll set a certain weight goal of stuff to get rid of, or I’ll designate a certain amount of grocery bags to fill with stuff to ditch. At Christmas time, we got rid of enough of the kids’ toys to fill the packages in which their new presents arrived.  It helped to keep us from feeling overwhelmed with new stuff.

One thing that I find very hard to purge, though, is craft supplies.  So my goal this year is to use the items I have on hand to make items to give away or sell.  So far, I’ve made 10 kitty cat blankets to share through the Snuggles Project and I’ve started to make a dozen book bags to sell in my Etsy store.  When I’ve made more, I’ll share a photo. My motto for the year, though, is Let’s Get Small, so it will be slower progress, with less stress and without making everything such a big deal. It may be the year of the snake for some, but it’s the year of the snail for me!

Slowly and steadily yours,

snuggles project
etsy store

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